Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Set!

Whilst busily munching on my fair share of humble pie for my repeated failure to mention Terry Goss as the author of, among many others, some of the most amazing images from Shark Reef, I've literally stumbled across a new set of his pictures that were used to illustrate a feature in Shark Diver Magazine's issue number 17.
This one was used to illustrate the Magazine's online description of our main attraction, the Bull Sharks.

I haven't seen the article and just hope Bill Fisher has been kind to us.

Anyway, great pix as always!



Anonymous said...

Bula & Vinaka,

Of course I was nice to you guys ! You are the BEST.
Get a hold of Eli and ask him to send you a copy, you will like the article, I promise. Sincerely, Bill Fisher

DaShark said...

Vinaka Bill!

Likely, Andrew already has it in the shop. But I'm marooned in Tonga - where time begins but where magazines arrive last!

Moce mada


the One called "Bitey"... said...

"Goss", not "Gross", but thanx!
Bula Vinaka.

DaShark said...

Boy-oh-boy Terry...... one day, I'll hopefully get it right....
Moce, M

the One called "Bitey"... said...

Thanx man, no worries. I just heard from my good sharkbuddies Michael & Nadine - they're in Beqa right now! I told them it's the ultimate shark dive, and now they finally believe me....