Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gaijin

Well I had to wait for a couple of days for him to upload his latest pictures -and I hear, more are in the pipeline- but I can finally reveal the winner of the Sea&Sea photo contest: non other than the very same patsOn i blogged about in February!

All I can say that Alexander has managed to even surpass his previous feats and turn out a new portfolio of our Sharks that is truly exceptional. You best click on the pix in order to see them in their full glory.

And luckily for us ignoramuses of Cyrillic, his new Fiji blog includes captions in English, enabling us to follow his adventures about camera-biting Tigers (not quite, she barely sniffed) and haircut giving Bull Sharks (quite so).

Having had to personally yank him back from some radical positions in January, this time he behaved like a lamb and was thus upgraded to pole position: very intense but as you can see, the Sharks have a full mouth and are only concerned with getting out of the way.

That's Rusi's shoe by the way.
Just kidding. As far as I know, the last time anybody in Fiji tried to eat a shoe was in 1867 when the fiery reverend Baker met his untimely death inside a lovo. The shoe was chewed on but finally, and I bet, grudgingly rejected and now adorns the display of the Suva museum.

Anyway, haircuts or not, Alexander is quickly becoming a hardened pro, as witnessed by his mind-blowing pictures of this year's Sardine Run: this is high-adrenaline action and hanging out there solo diving in the Big Blue surrounded by feeding predators is nothing for the faint of heart.
But look at the results! This is quite in the league of Doug Perrine's award-winning 2004 picture on the right (yes Sasha, it is, and I know that you'll be pleased by this comment).
As always, well done!!!

So, what's the next step in his quest for perfection?
We just e-mailed and he's come up with a tentative idea of turning the Take-Out into sort of an underwater studio. Certainly possible as much of what we do is carefully choreographed and thus predictable - but watch out for upcoming tales of big Sharks absconding with expensive strobes and the like!
Not that Sasha would have to worry as he's likely to bag many more goodies by swamping the Photo contests with his killer shots!

Looking forward to it - it'll sure be interesting to set up and even more fun to watch!


pats0n said...

Mike, thank you :D - but I still think Doug's picture is much much much cooler then mine. Will try harder during Sardine Run 2009 ! :D

DaShark said...

Welcome Sasha!

I stick by my comment - but I look forward to next year's pix!