Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And the Winner is................

"Kampai" and "Banzai" are the only worlds I know in Japanese.
Guess a shrink would have a helluva time interpreting that rather sinister combination!

Anyway, you may trust me if I tell you that Sea&Sea's 2007-2008 Photo Contest page is total gibberish to me.
Apart from the fact that somebody seems to have earned himself a lot of cool goodies by winning first place with this toothy picture of a Bull Shark from Shark Reef.
I am reliably told that much to the dismay of the Japanese UW photo-yakuza, our mystery photographer is a Japanese-speaking Gaijin infiltrator. I'm also told that the result subverted the traditional Japanese photo estethics which are much better represented by the softness of the shrimp in third place.

And who is the mystery man -or lady-, I hear you ask with bated breath?

None other than ....... but that's another story!


Anonymous said...

what could it be ? :D

DaShark said...

Keep watching this space..... (-: