Saturday, September 20, 2008

The incredible White Sea

Alexander alerts me to this fabulous portfolio from the Russian underwater photography community blog uw_photo. You need to click on the pix to see them in all their glory and also, I highly recommend going through the whole portfolio in the blog - stunning!

The creatures are all from the White Sea, a hitherto rather obscure portion of Russia's Arctic Ocean. Isn't that where the Red October was berthed?

Anyway, secret sub bases or not, this looks like the next destination for lovers of the weird and wondrous! Not me, though, at least not until I hear more about its megafauna. Initial tales about "semi-stable bait balls" containing birds and Beluga Whales are certainly promising - but how about something a little more toothy guys?

And how about the cold? The creature comforts?
Sasha assures me of the existence of a "pretty decent diving center" and a small resort with a Russian touch: banya for after the dive, Russian cuisine and, last but not least by any stretch of the imagination: Russian entertainment!

As in, writes Sasha, "balalaika and dancing bears"!

Or, if yer really fortunate, you may even have the privilege of experiencing This!
Enjoy! (yes I know I know..)


Anonymous said...

Great, this is my photos :)
You can find more in my livejournal blog.

DaShark said...

Bravo, amazing Stuff!!!
Thank you for sharing it with the public!

Very VERY well done and keep posting, I'm sure most viewers have never seen anything quite like it!

What are you - a scientist?
Some of the pics look like they've been taken in a lab - but what great photographic technique!