Saturday, September 13, 2008

The incredible Water Blog

Having been a professional photographer in one of my previous incarnations, I'm a sucker for great pictures.
SeaWayBLOG is all about the "World Wide Water" and the Photo subsection (there are also subsections on Video, Art, News, Travel, Sport and Humor) is a cornucopia of the very best this genre has to offer. As always, click on them in order to appreciate them better.
Amazing idea, amazing presentation!

I've picked a small selection and invite you to go explore for yourself, you'll be amazed and entertained!

Just to start tickling your interest, the pic below is thousands of Penguins (!) and below that, that's from a story about the World's largest bony fish, the magnificient and mysterious King of Herrings from the Oarfish Family.



Guido Trombetta said...

Hi, I'm the blogger of SeaWayBLOG, I really would like to say thank you for your kind words.. I do apreciate them!

DaShark said...

Ciao Guido

suppongo che tu sia Italiano?

Comunque, spetta a me ringraziarti.
Hai proprio messo in piedi una bella cosa e mi congratulo con te per la scelta delle tematiche e delle magnifiche immagini!

Ciao, Mike

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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