Monday, September 15, 2008


It's winter in Fiji and the water is bloody cold, especially considering that The Shark Dive is predominantly stationary.

Not a problem anymore!
Andrew has already blogged about it, but this is the first time they're really being put to the test, and the dive suits have passed with flying colors! The Staff are wearing Merino Elastiprenes 5 mils (truly the best wetsuit I've ever owned, wonderfully warm, incredibly soft and with great stitching!) and steamers; the Kaivailangi guests, 4/5 mil Fusion Merinos.

Kudos to Pinnacle Aquatics for a great new line of products!

And for the many friends who have asked: here's Manasa!
One year after his near-fatal collapse, Papa is back in the water where he belongs. He's now in charge of the shallow feeds and has upgraded them to a brand new show featuring the Greys, Blacktips and Whitetips. It has to be seen to be believed!

And!: check out this post by Sasha........ very funny!
"Sharky"??? Moi???

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