Friday, October 02, 2015

Whale Shark tourism in Ningaloo - Paper!

The strobe ban is baloney (and should be exchanged for a ban on self-promoting peroxide piranhas) - but other than that, this is excellent. Source - click for detail.

Love love love the paper!
Great to see longterm monitoring much like we do here and has been done by Avi in Cocos! Also great to see that grouper challenge  winner Rob is being mentored by Shark tourism supremos Jessica and Mark. And finally, great to see yet another piece of evidence that when done correctly, Shark tourism does not harm either the animals or their environment!
This is obviously different, meaning that it is high time for the regulator to step in and step up - re-read this!

But I'm digressing.
Very well done!

Enjoy the paper!

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