Monday, October 19, 2015

Big Sharks scavenging - Video!

Wow - watch.

What can I say.
When the video came out in August and the usual dipshits started using it as "proof" that Sharks are harmless, I decided to look the other way; but now it turns out that one of those dudes is none other than my pal Allen who managed to overcome his angst and reluctantly hop into the fray. In case you wondered, I would never ever ever ever!
Ils sont fous, ces  Sudafricains - as in batshit crazy! :)

Plus, there is that Bull Shark, see Allen's pic at top.
You can check her out at 0:04 and she sure does not look good!
Over here, such an emaciated, wrinkly animal is usually either sick and/or very old - or more rarely, simply famished after having gone walkabout during the pupping and mating season whereby it usually manages to bulk back up in no time at all.

Anyway, this is pretty epic.
Allen tells me of multiple GWS, a dozen plus Tigers, plus Bulls, Duskies and Blacktips all feeding simultaneously which is in itself totally spectacular. Maybe I haven't been paying attention - but I was under the impression that the only two species reported to scavenge on Cetaceans are GWS and Tigers, and stand accordingly corrected. This sure raises all sorts of interesting questions about inter-specific competition and dominance, etc., and would certainly be great science fodder - any takers?

So congrats buddy, it must have been awesome!
And no - do not try this at home!


Allen D. Walker said...

Bat Shit Crazy and lets not forget super stoked that my ticker is in excellent shape and I should have no problems in the near future related to heart attacks ;)

Unknown said...

Wow. That WAS epic! I didn't want it to end... More please!!!!