Tuesday, October 20, 2015


We don't poke, grab, ride or molest - and this is a totally relaxed Shark that doesn't even bother to deploy the nictitating membrane! Click for detail!


The Bulls are pregnant and skittish, and here she comes!
We've known Adi since 2005 when she was a feisty tiny teenager that turned up on one of Michael's first Shark dives in Fiji, see below, and she's been gracing us with sporadic but always memorable visits ever since.

And in the process, she has obviously gotten way bigger.
No, not the whopping 5 meters that are sometimes being reported; but at slightly under 12 feet, she's still of respectable size - and it really does appear that her age and size have finally brought about some Scarface-like gravitas, too! Usually a total wrecking ball and a nightmare to handle, she glided in on her very best behavior, gently took a couple of offerings from Tumbee and elegantly disappeared back into the blue.

So here's to Adi.
May she continue to successfully dodge the hooks, and may she continue to be as gentle and mellow as she was today!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

Such a beautiful sight!

Unknown said...

She has certainly grown up a bit since her last visit!
Great to see her fat and healthy and visiting you guys again after so long, although I am a little jealous I wasn't there to see her for myself :)