Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shark Consciousness, Energy Balls and Quantum Levels - and Spider Beings!

Skip liberally - and be amazed!

Normally I would say, you just can't make this shit up - but obviously you can! Quite frankly, it makes Ritter with his shamanic seminars and the ghastly Veronica Grey with her pineal gland look like bloody dilettantes by comparison!
Crafty crafty - in so many ways!

And now that she says it, it's so blatantly obvious!
All you gotta do in order to prevent those annoying Shark strikes, is to project your energy ball - much like when dealing with disrespectful Spider Beings, present and future, as per the following equally telephatically insightful instruction!

Bingo - that simple!
Having done some researching (that I now frankly very much regret!), I discover a whole universe of globally interconnected brazen con artists and charlatans visionary benefactors conducting seminars and seances about telephatic animal communication - not to be missed and guaranteed to work!

So now you know.
Consider this a personal favor, from me to you.

You're welcome!


Professor Dr Sigmund Carl Freudundjung said...

If you go to the categories in the newest, psychobabble-fest that is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, you find (volume 43, page 36,263) the following recently discovered personality disorder (among a great many more):

Vol. 43
2.33.A.Z. New Age Sub-types continued:

New Age Telepathico-Doolittle Talking-to-Creatures Doolally Disorder:

The presumed ability to be in telepathic contact with animals, inevitably dolphins, occasionally sharks, and even spiders.

A brain where neurons have been replaced with cold spaghetti.

This condition does not respond to medication. Euthanasia is the preferred option.

DaShark said...


Talk about Idiocracy in action - the credulous victims, not the crafty perpetrators!

Ian Campbell said...

To be completely impartial, this is not a new phenomena, and this thing has yielded results before.

DaShark said...


But on a much more sobering note, you may wanna watch this insanity, 40:50ff - and we all know how that one ended!