Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sustainable Shark Diving!

Looks like yet another initiative is about to be launched!
According to this announcement, the indefatigable Rick will be unveiling his Sustainable Shark Diving project at this year's DEMA show in Orlando. Like I never cease to repeat, I'm a big fan, and this promises to be yet another brilliant undertaking.

Like I said back then, there will have to be industry buy-in.
I ignore the finer details but Rick being Rick, I anticipate that BAD will embrace and promote it enthusiastically - and probably also GSD, at least if I should have it my way.

But first, let's see what's been cooking.
My hope is that the criteria will follow Austin & Co's stellar rating system and if so, this could not have come soon enough!

So kudos buddy - for now! :)
More once I've had a chance to see it - keep watching this space!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the provisional welcoming response, Mike! Seeing will be believing and I look forward to your assessment when it launches and you get to snoop around. I'll give you a sneak peek next week. And indeed I think you will like the evaluation criteria. :)

DaShark said...

Just hedging my bets amigo - not that I would ever doubt you, but once a lawyer always a lawyer! :)