Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fischer in Australia!

Tagging Tigers in WA - good idea? Source.

Oh yes he's there.

And of course he's already giving the usual breathy interviews.
This is officially being sold as Tiger Shark research - first on the East Coast then in Northern WA. But of course, before even having touched the first Shark, Fischer is already, once again, mentioning beach safety, and making oblique references to GWS.
Some conservationists and advocacy groups blame the lack of progress on global collaboration. "Northern California, Australia, New Zealand - you have a couple of kingpins reigning over their kingdoms and they don't want anyone to come in because they might not be the king or queen anymore," said Chris Fischer of Ocearch. "They're not really into collaboration, they're not really into ocean or shark first. They're into being the man, or being the woman. So we have to disrupt this...the ocean needs our help now."
As he bloviates in this stupidity.

It's same old same old.
Fischer the next -and of course bigger and better- Cousteau, the great conservationist, tagging pioneer and protector of public safety - and of course, pinnacle of self effacing modesty, who merely does everything he does for the Sharks!

Which of course begs the question,
Which safeguards are there in place so that the stupid government of WA will not be using the data from those newly tagged WA Tigers (and god forbid, GWS!) to go and kill them once they start lurking (yes apparently, that's what Sharks do!) off some beach?
And he's also set his eyes on New Zealand, apparently for this November - undoubtedly much to the benefit of stirring up defusing the delicate situation in Steward Island, see here, here and here!
And yes I'm being sarcastic!

To be continued!

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Shark Diver said...

Wait, when he was talking about the lack of cooperation and guys having a humongous ego, he was referring to himself, wasn't he ;-)