Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shark Reef - the Party is over!

Recognize the dude?

Yes this would be Whitenose - for obvious reasons!
This is the very first Bull Shark I've named 12 years ago, and he's still going strong! I wasn't on the dive but El Diego who sent me the picture tells me that he was making sure that everybody knew he was back!

Remember what that means?
Indeed - together with the fact that we're not seeing any more fresh Shark bites, his visit officially concludes the very early, and very short mating season!
Now, the action will slow down as everybody quickly assumes the correct rank within the newly established hierarchy - and then we wait. In four-five months, we'll know who's pregnant and who is not, and compare that to our observations from the last five weeks.

Oh, and Alex:
Guess who was there, too! :)

Gracias Diego - much appreciated!

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