Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Killing tagged GWS - bravo Andrew!

Andrew with his father, the legendary Rodney. Source.

Remember this post?

Sure you do! :)
Therein, I refer to this courageous blog post by Corey Bradshaw where he exposes how the Australian government is censoring and muzzling its scientists. That policy continues to this day, and the sometimes baffling reticence by some members of the Australian scientific community to address the WA Shark cull needs to be weighed against this backdrop - and this is also precisely why the unflinching public opposition by people like Colin and Jessica fills me with particular admiration!

Enter Andrew Fox of GSD.
He too is far from being impervious to the wrath of government that holds sway over the renewal of his licenses - and still, he too has decided to go public against the demented shenanigans in Western Australia. You can find Andrew's comments, along with further details about that totally misguided policy here.

Bravo Andrew, I'm proud of 'ya mate!

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