Monday, January 05, 2015

Wobbegong and Spiny Puffer!

Click for detail!

That's one big mouthful of pain!

There are several crucial elements for great wildlife pics.
The first is knowing your subject matter - and when it comes to knowing Australia's underwater denizens, Mark is second to none. The second is perseverance and/or being in the right place at the right time - this one likely being the latter! The third is getting the shot which is where many, many image hunters fail. The fourth is composition and technique - and failing that, in this day and age, proficiency in post production.
All I can say is check, check, check and check!

Well done mate!


Johann MOURIER said...

Nice pics, I have seen a blacktip reef shark eating a porcupine fish this year in Moorea. It completely ate the fish! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera this time :(
Did the wobbegong ate it?

DaShark said...

Mark - did it?

DaShark said...

Having asked, he says,

I don't think so.
Last time I saw it the Wobbegong was bashing it's head against a rock and more of the puffer was coming out. Most often due the the jaw of the Wobbegong they both end up dying.