Monday, October 07, 2013

Fischer - going for broke!

The savior of Australia - or is he? Source.
Bingo - again!

Yup the dude is certainly crafty.
Whereas he was only hinting before, he's now said it: he's the only one that can make the beaches in Western Australia safe - and fuck the Aussie researchers that obviously don't know what they're doing, and the stupid Aussie governments that refuse to acknowledge him as their only pathway to salvation.
Breathy interview here.

Of course it's all bollocks.
That research was pioneering 1-2 years ago. 
But now, there are better alternatives: less invasive protocols, and excellent local and international researchers that have worked with those Sharks for years and can certainly do the very same job without having to contend with all that self promoting noise, that inflated ego, those omnipresent cameras and the incessant media circus.

There's no middle ground here.
Tell him to get lost - and warn your friends in New Zealand!

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Ricardo Lacombe said...

Someone really needs to shut this guy (Fischer) down once and for all. An absolute joke!