Friday, January 16, 2015

Lindsay - Healing in Bull Sharks!

Remember this picture?

That was Lindsay with fresh mating bites less than a month ago.
And now look at her yesterday: as if nothing had ever happened, but of course as greedy and feisty  as always! Yes you can still see some scars - but I promise you that in one more month, she'll be clean as a whistle!
And did you notice - the lip piercing is gone, likely rusted out! 

 Click for detail!

We've talked about it here.
Like with Martin's GWS, the healing power of our Bulls is nothing short of miraculous.
Amazing stuff!


Johann MOURIER said...

Nice healing ability in sharks indeed! We are working on a paper on the topic with Andrew Chin on our blacktip reef sharks... I'll keep you updated.

DaShark said...

Merci Johann - yes please do!

Give my best to Andrew - great guy!

Shark Diver said...

I'm glad that the healing ability is not limited to GWS :-)

Shark Diver said...

BTW your last link on the article doesn't work

DaShark said...

Fixed - thanks! :)

Lindsay L. Graff said...

GREAT photos, and I can't believe her hook rusted out?! Amazing.

Also, I think by "greedy" you mean assertive and strong-willed..... : )