Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Shark Diver is coming to Fiji!

Ever-boisterous Martin has already announced that he plans to top this picture he took last year - we shall see! :)

Read this!

Methinks this is a great deal!
And yes you will see heaps upon heaps of Fiji Bull Sharks.
Tiger Sharks however not so much, this due to competitive exclusion. Just for you not to be disappointed - and I promise you, you won't be!

And since we're online.
Yes I'm well, yes I'm busy - and yes as we speak, I'm writing the yearly recap! :)
So keep watching this space - and in the meantime, read the reply by Mark here and especially, Eli's reply here! Both go to show that contrary to the many pathetic public feuds, one can debate without becoming mortal enemies!

And, do read the South African verdict here - thanks Clare!
Talk soon!

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