Saturday, December 20, 2014

Western Australia - Imminent Threat Policy!

Oh for fuck's sake.

Read this.
Seriously, how can a Shark be a threat if you know where it is!
But instead of doing the sensible thing = telling the people to stay away from that beach til the GWS moves on, they are using the pings from the tags to go and kill it.  This idiotic policy is saving no-one but instead, it will only have one possible outcome: they will eventually end up back at square one, i.e. with no more tagged Sharks and no more information about where they are.

Seriously - what a bunch of morons!


Shark Diver said...

You got this all wrong. If I see a potentially dangerous animal in a place I want to be, I just have to kill it. I mean really, do you expect me to just no go where it is!? I can't possibly do that! That would just be wayyyyy too reasonable!

DaShark said...

But that was the stated purpose of that early warning system they put into place with millions in taxpayer funds - right?

This is bad bad bad - and so idiotic it really beggars belief.