Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GWS from a Glass-Bottom Boat?

Have you seen this?

Brilliant idea!
Especially the part about watching those big mamas cruise by whilst getting shitfaced and listening to AC/DC and more recently, the Hilltop Hoods!
Great marketing!

But seriously.
Ever since Cousteau's venerable Calypso, those underwater observation chambers have allowed their occupants to witness amazing scenery and behavior, and this without having to learn any special skills - and from a commercial POV, this sure greatly increases the number of potential customers.
So, why not?

I say, well done and godspeed.
Or, am I missing something here?


The Saffron Pimpernel said...

Adventure Bay is the company that could not get a permit to barley in South Australia, so they have devised other smoke and mirrors to attract clientele. I think they will attract the type of clientele that is really really interesting to have on your boat, in tight quarters, in rough seas, for hours on end. Adding alcohol and tobacco will just make it that much more special. I see a truly loathsome reality tv show coming out of this one!

I Am Groot! said...

I fail to see how AC/DC blasted "at decibel" underwater meets any wild animal interaction guidelines.

At a time when enviros bitch about ship noise and cetacea:


This particular brand of beer swilling wild animal interaction is less about education and more about crotch grabbing simian vocalizations at 15 feet in the presence of a simply magnificent predator.

Or am I missing something?

Still, the technology seems fine, the engineering looks pretty solid, and in the hands of a more enlightened individual whose sole goal is not earning enough money to afford his girlfriend/wife a new set of fake tits next X-Mas this could be a great educational tool.