Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Back Online!

Home sweet home - stellar pic by Allen.

Good to be home again!

For those of you in the know: things have gone reasonably well.
Other than that, between DEMA, the monster GWS, emergency self catheterizations (ouch - and no please don't ask) and killer Arizona bed bugs, it sure has been eventful.

More as I sort thru the e-mail clutter and update myself on Sharky matters. All I can see right now is that SRI's Antoniou is once again making a fool of himself - but considering the person and the institution, that's hardly surprising. And then there's this interesting piece by my my friend RickMac that deserves some elaboration, and that likely sooner rather than later.

Talk soon!


jsd said...

Welcome back.

Antoniou of SRI should just come clean and stop styling himself Dr in this context. His doctorate is irrelevant.


Alex Antoniou
Director of Educational Programs
Alex Antoniou, Ph.D., is currently the Director of Educational Programs for NSPF. He has over 30 years of experience in aquatics. Alex is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Ph.D. in kinesiology. As the Director of Educational Programs for NSPF he is in charge of developing programs that train over 25,000 people each year of pool and spa maintenance and operations. Antoniou is the gate keeper of one of the most recognized pool and spa operator programs available. Alex also has a passion for shark research and shark conservation around the world. He recently established his own non-profit group called Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation. He feels that more people need to become engaged in protecting these magnificent and valuable creatures. Email Alex Antoniou

DaShark said...

Yeah, same old same old JSD...

Antoniou served as pokey stick toting "safety diver" on Amos' early out-of-cage shenanigans in Lupe and now thinks he knows something about something.

Like Levine & Amos he now obviously acts as travel agent for punters, and the pseudoconservation fluff is meant to add some "eco" aspect to his trips. It's BS, and the only purpose of the whole exercise is, gasp, money.

Oh well, like I said, not surprising and hardly newsworthy - dime a dozen.

a world-weary jsd said...

'Antoniou served as pokey stick toting "safety diver" on Amos' early out-of-cage shenanigans in Lupe and now thinks he knows something about something.'
Interesting. When there were moves to ban divers feeding sharks in Floridian waters, Anoniou of SRI wrote a deposition (an easily dismantled deposition) about the pseudo-harm done to sharks by such activities and the pseudo-associated dangers. His side won - not least because the shark feeders had Erich Ritter of SRI as star witness (exhibit?).

Glad to know Antoniou enjoyed his out-of-the-cage forays with Amos. ...I wonder what brings in those oh-so-harmless sharks.