Sunday, December 21, 2014

Florida - wrong Priorities?

Is this a matter of public safety? Source.

Here we go again.

Have you watched and read this?
I'm certainly no fan of Jordan's specific brand of troglodyte Shark diving - but it definitely does neither endanger the Sharks nor does it pose a safety risk for the public, the more as the old tired myth about training Sharks to associate humans with food has long been debunked as being utter nonsense.

But how about this.

Think that the chum is no public safety hazard?
Yes that would be once again Team Rebel, serial persecutors of critically endangered Sawfish who like many other land based anglers continue to target and drag protected Lemons and Hammerheads onto the beach instead of immediately releasing them as prescribed by the law.

And the response by the FWC?
Quite obviously, nada de nada - the more as "Chumming" or feeding fish for the purpose of harvesting marine species as otherwise allowed by FWC rules is permitted = you can feed Sharks in order to harass and kill them, but not in order to watch them!

Overreach and hypocrisy anybody?


jsd said...

Homo moronicus Subspecies Dickhead

DaShark said...

Indeed - and then some!