Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pelagic Thresher Birth!

Click for detail - amazing!


I just got this from a friend.
More once I know more.

PS: thank you Saffron Pimpernel and thank you Johann for the link to the article!


Johann MOURIER said...

You can get the paper here:

DaShark said...

Merci Johann - et bonnes fêtes!

Johann MOURIER said...

Bonnes fêtes aussi DaShark ;) on va essayer de limiter le Johann Feeding pendant les fêtes!

Unknown said...

Incredible encounter and interesting article although it has a big mistake.
Pelagic thresher sharks have not "been described as having a cosmopolitan distribution", they are only found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. in addition the citation of Tsai et al. 2010 is not the right one for what was said.... In fact I just checked other papers by S.P Oliver (including papers in PlosOne, shame on the reviewers) and they have the same mistake, saying it is a cosmopolitan species and citing papers that do not have anything to do with the current distribution of the species....

DaShark said...

Ahhhh... detail detail!

I interpret that as a don't fuck with El Diego's favorite Shark! :)