Saturday, December 20, 2014

Deep Sea Fish - and I mean it!


This is the deepest recorded Fish - so far!
Story, and more videos of weird deep-sea critters here an here.



Waxing Poetic said...

Pretty much the sole reason to peruse "them Internets" these days is for moments like that one.

Thanks for posting. Took my breath away.

To consider for just one moment that in at least 15 countries around the globe simians are doing their level best to wipe each other out based on a self ascribed diaphanous religious construct.

And yet five miles down in a place where simians cannot go what looks like an "actual angel" in perfect harmony with its surroundings goes about its daily life.

Happy Holidays to everyone(except those who light candles, eat fish, give money to people in Red and Green suits, and those filthy animists).


DaShark said...


Here, we speak simple English!
Betcha yer one of those intellectual atheist liberals!

vade retro!