Thursday, March 06, 2014

Shark Molesting in Cuba!

Huzzah - we got ourselves a new Shark whisperer! Source.

Well, apparently little has changed.
Alerted by that last picture, I've gone rummaging - and it sure looks like there's a gang of commercial idiots molesting Silky Sharks at the Jardines de la Reina.
Check it out, this is but one of many such videos.

This is so nineties.
Contrary to what happens with Cristina, it's the real tonic.
If memory serves me right, this stuff was started by Stuart Cove who used it to remove hooks from Silkies when diving on FADs. Now it's a stupid macho show for stupid tourists, much like the ever more pervasive wrangling of Tigers at Tiger Beach.



Flores para ti? said...

First off: The music is kinda nice.

Second off: Stuart Cove did it to impress girls, the hook removal was a side business to impress girls.

Forth off: You'll note that 99.9% of all shark molesting is done by vertically, mentally, emotionally challenged males.

"Stop molesting and start respecting" - catchy tag line for the industry folks who only speak in grunts and whistles.

DaShark said...

You may be onto something there!

Now... double the narcissism & add some moldy black-dyed duck wings...

Flores para ti? said...

I am convinced the Moldy Black Duck Wing crowd are a "gender unto their own," hence not factored in statistically speaking.