Thursday, March 20, 2014

WESPAC - more about the Marianas Shark Cull!

Micronesia Shark Sanctuary - very much at risk! Source.

Thank you Shark Defenders!

Obviously, mine was merely a heads-up.
Being from Saipan, Angelo is best suited to dig up the gory details - and he sure has!

Case in point, this document.
It makes the case for establishing a Shark fishery in the Marianas.
Prima facie and apart from the obvious "oversights" (e.g. Scalloped Hammers are endangered, highly vulnerable to fishing pressure and also listed under CITES 2 - but they have some of the most sought-after fins), I for one got nothing against well managed Shark fisheries that rely on sound science-based quotas and where monitoring and enforcement are ensured. I've stated multiple times that I consider those Sanctuaries to be stop-gap measures in view of the establishment of  properly designed, implemented, and enforced fisheries management plans, and I stick to that opinion. 
In theory, and provided that proper stock assessments etc indicate the feasibility of establishing a fully sustainable fishery for determined species, I would certainly not oppose a fully certified (!), fully sustainable food fishery for those Sharks.

But of course this got nothing to do with sustainability.
Angelo is perfectly correct - this is a cull, not fisheries management.
It is WESPACs continued attempt to subvert the unequivocal will of the people who have made it amply clear that they want no Shark fishing in those Pacific territories and States. Having that appalling gang of unelected bureaucrats overturning democratic processes is simply intolerable.

Angelo: solutions? 
Or is it already too late?

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