Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aquatek - a possible Solution?


No don't worry, it's not a typo! :)
Watch this.

Pretty impressive ain't it.
I've talked about it to somebody in the know, and he confirms that this is serious research by serious people, and that so far, the results are promising. 
What has not yet been tested is habituation that could play a role with resident Sharks but much less so with transient species like Tigers and GWS. What is also unclear is whether it would deter a highly motivated animal that is already fully committed to an attack - but considering the cautious nature of most, if not all dangerous species which are known to usually first investigate, I am hopeful.

It is now being rigorously field-tested in Reunion Island.
I totally like this article for asking the correct questions that are being honestly and exhaustively addressed by the project team. Should you not speak French, I highly recommend that you peruse Google Translate to get the gist as IMO it's as good as it gets.
WA: hint hint!

So bravo les mecs - can't wait to hear more!

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Shark Diver said...

Cool research, it will be interesting to see, if they can come up with a product that will work in real life. Just judging by the video, it seems the sharks still come awfully close to the transmitters, but I hope they are successful. It would be so much better to have a shark deterrent like that, instead of drum lines and nets.