Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jackass Guadalupe!


Looks like that shit by the self-professed reincarnation of Jane Goodall and Dianne Fossey, or whatever, is still on the books - or may this posting to Vimeo be an indication that it has been completed?

Anyway, here it is in all of its insanity.
Simply disgraceful - and shame on the (usual) people that have lent a hand in enabling this pathetic charade!


jsd said...

...So is the shark meant to copulate with the mermaid or am I missing something?

jsd said...

Rats. And there I was thinking it was shark porn.

DaShark said...

Yes you are - totally!

This is conservation, dispelling the myth about these maligned and misunderstood animals that only want to cuddle and hug!

Sez WeirdNutDaily so it must be true!

DaShark said...

Seriously though, this incessant onslaught of images of Shark-molesting retards posing as conservationists is disheartening.

jsd said...

I agree. But we are so far beyond what outrage can express concerning the moronic antics of these media-whore-cretins, that ridicule is the best I can manage.

Shark Pornographer ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV said...

Let us all pay homage to ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV and his award winning pornographic lens crafting of sharks.

Because of ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV the entire world knows you can chain wrap a live Tiger shark for fun - and it will live!

Because of ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV the entire world knows you can behave like an absolute douche underwater with sharks - and you will live!

Because of ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV the entire world knows you can continue to work the bottom of the barrel shark productions featuring some of the worst shark stunts ever conceived with wild animals - and you will continue to get hired!

Because of ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV the entire world knows you can continue to profess a rabid love of sharks - even though you only see them as cash machines!

The world is a better place because of ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV and his film making. He remains our generations finest example of how to interact with protected sharks, bringing enlightening programming to homes around the planet.

ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV is not a shark pornographer, he is the distributor of high culture, of the best mankind has to offer wild animals!

Rock on ANDY BRANDY CASAGRANDE IV we cannot WAIT to see the next thing you do, the next words you utter, the next stunt you pull off.

Fat, unintelligent, people who watch TV love you!

Random people on Facebook love you!

Children ages 4-6 love you!

Women who wear moldy black duck wings love you!

Folks in the shark diving industry who want to bask in your 5'4 glow love you!


Lindsay L. Graff said...

Yet again proving that it is physically impossible to swim with a white shark and NOT grab onto the dorsal fin for a video-filmed ride......

.....and also that all blondes must be partially nude in order to create an effective "conservation" piece.

DaShark said...

Not only the blondes...

Shark Diver said...

They want to be one with the shark. "The sharks accept me as one of their own!"

God I hope they are wrong. I have seen what large white sharks do to small white sharks, when they get too close. Make no mistake, any human, no matter how big, would still be a very, very small white shark.