Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guadalupe Tourism - Impact?

Cage diving in Lupe - good or bad for the Sharks? Source.

Watch this.

Edgar Becerril want to assess the impact of baiting at Lupe.
Methinks that as always, the results will show no effects at the ecosystem level (= the Sharks migrate, mate and pup normally, etc) whereas like in Australia, there will probably be some effects at small spatial and temporal scales. 
As an example of the latter, they may well show that the GWS are being aggregated around the vessels and if so, it may be wise to anchor well away from the beaches frequented by the Elephant Seals lest one would subject them to increased predation risk. Or, aggregating the Sharks may lead to increased brawling among the males like apparently in Moorea.

We shall see.
I'm skeptical that lacking a baseline, anything conclusive can be garnered within a mere three months - but happy to be proven wrong!

Looking forward to the publication!

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