Tuesday, March 04, 2014

OSAM - Progress Report!

Looking slightly overwhelmed? I would, too!


Read this.
Which begs the question, at what point, exactly, does dedication morph into obsession - maybe after two and a half years of editing one and the same movie?

Be it as it may, I just can't wait.
This is gonna be simply epic - in length and judging from the teaser-trailers, in quality as well. My only gripe: I just love my percussion heavy techno and "Arabic wailing music", to wit!

What I really wanted to say is, godspeed buddy.
And to you out there, please do consider making a contribution - I'm sure it will come back a thousandfold!

1 comment:

OfficetoOcean said...

I would say "obsession" is about right! It's coming along really, really well, in fact, I'm looking at your lovely, kindly face on my monitor right now ;)

Although there won't be any Techno or Arabic wailing music, I do think you will be pleasantly satisfied. The sound design, is really, really good as well, David is doing an incredible job, think less modern era shark films (waaaay less) and more the stuff we love so much from the 70's and 80's