Thursday, March 13, 2014

OSAM - public Screening!


Please read this post by David.
It really looks like all the sacrifice and the enormous effort are being appreciated, which is just great.
Congratulations - I'm really happy for you mate!

And for those that may have missed it the first time.
Here's the latest trailer - wonderful stuff!


El-Gee said...

pretty cool, man. Glad to see your project (Shark Reef, the MPA - is it an MPA already? - and all) recognized in wider media.

I come to this blog regularly and I think it is by very far the best shark conservation (and other stuff) blog out in the net.

I almost made it to Fiji to dive with you in 2013 but ended up doing a slightly different trip in the Pacific - one day, however, I too will see your bulls!


DaShark said...

Oh hell yes - since 2004, check out this link!

Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated!