Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mangroves for Fiji - Expansion!

There's people that talk talk talk talk.

Others do.
Case in point: Projects Abroad is picking up where we left Mangroves for Fiji and is now expanding the project all across the country. Obviously this is a long-term endeavor necessitating heaps of preparation - but they've already established several nurseries and started various awareness workshops. And as a real nice spin-off, they've even created a recycling venture that has enabled them to collect over 10,000 plastic bottles that are being used for germinating the Mangrove propagules.
Restoration will start next month, and the volunteers will be able to claim the resulting carbon credits against their individual footprints.

I say, well done - that's how you do it.
To be continued no doubt!


Jim Sherlock said...

Bula Mike

Good to see you are informing the students at the Pacific Harbour Multi-Cultural School to inform the students about their environment and to protect it.
Heather & Jim Sherlock

DaShark said...

With Broadreach, Angelo and now Projects Abroad doing awareness workshops, the poor kids must have sharks coming out of their ears! :)