Friday, February 14, 2014

The Nadi Workshop - Spillover!

Top left-to-right: Api, Ben and Tumbee
Middle left-to-right: Ingrid, Colin, Perry, Juerg and Netani
Bottom left-to-right: Gary and Angelo - click for detail!

Apologies - I'm currently simply too busy to blog.

Just this.
Looks like the big Shark meeting has been a great success as told here by Angelo.

And it has had direct repercussions for us.
Several participants have made time to come and say hi, and most have managed to partake in a  stellar Shark dive with plenty of Fiji Bulls and great viz. It just so happens that our dear friends Juerg and Gary are visiting, resulting in the rather epic picture above where the notable absentee is Demian who merely managed to squeeze in a short cameo before gallivanting off to some other remote destination where he's championing the cause of Sharks.

Fortuitous or not, a meeting like that will always have consequences.
Keep watching this space!


jsd said...

Gary looks more cuddly every day.

Matt Rand said...

Looks like you are having too much fun.

DaShark said...

There's no such thing Matt! :)

And how are you brother - hopefully casting an eye on the SoPac?