Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby Bulls!


So here they are.
These are this year's first tiny baby Fiji Bulls that are getting the treatment by the volunteers of Projects Abroad. Congratulations to the intrepid fishermen, to Gary who showed them how to do it and to Juerg who found the time to attend and oversee the science.

Lovely album here.


Johann Mourier said...

Oh Great! Finding connections between your local adult population and you babies would be great as we made in French Polynesia with lemon and blacktip reef sharks! I hope some DNA samples were taken ;)
But this can be a nice project!

DaShark said...

Mais bien sûr Johann! :)

We already got 80-odd DNA samples of the adults, and this is now the start of trying to decipher any philopatry, both natal and reproductive!

This is a long-term endeavor and the data will hopefully lead to great insights!