Thursday, February 06, 2014

NOAA vs US Fin Bans - good News or Shenanigans?

This got nothing to do with finning, zero - and shame on NOAA for that idiotic wording!
I mean, seriously!

But the news is good, at least at first glance.
If you consult the Recent Updates on the right hand side, NOAA is backing down from wanting to overturn the Shark fin bans in California, Maryland and Washington, this in essence because whilst prohibiting the sale, trade and possession of Shark fins, those bans contain language exempting the Shark fishermen. And whilst I STILL find it egregious that in those states, anybody can buy a legal Shark steak but cannot consume a soup from the fins of that very same dead Shark, it is nevertheless a good development.

But then again, maybe not so much.
If those exemptions are the critical aspect - what about those other states that have none? May this be a ploy to silence many of the most vocal critics like California's Huffman, only to then go and play bully comparatively undisturbed elsewhere?

As always, we shall see shall we not.
The biggest prize for the anti-ban mafia within the administration is obviously, to succeed in revoking the bans in  Hawaii and those US Pacific territories - and you can rest assured that WESPAC will do and say anything to achieve that aim. 
After all, it is they who started these shenanigans in the first place.

So by all means, let's rejoice about this victory.
But let's keep a very wary eye on further developments!

To be continued no doubt!

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