Friday, February 28, 2014

Fiji Weather - temporary Respite!

Yesterday - click for detail!


Well, it has been interesting!

And it aint over quite yet.
The centre of TD15F is currently almost stationary, just to the north of Vanua Levu. Cloud associated with the depression has moved northward (as shown on MTSAT image inset) and we can expect an early break from heavy rain for the central and southern divisions however it is expected that more heavy rain will affect Fiji later today as the tropical depression moves back over northeastern parts of Fiji. 
As the system moves southeast (see FMS forecast track map) rain will continue heavy at times over the east while clearing away from the western and central divisions. There remains a significant risk that TD15F will intensify into a tropical cyclone as it passes over the east of the country tomorrow.
Remain vigilant!

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