Monday, February 03, 2014

Projects Abroad - Global Shark Campaign!



And talk about perfect timing!
I started this particular journey in 2002, and this year marks BADs tenth anniversary - and I must say that witnessing what was then considered nothing but a stupid pipe dream by an absolute lunatic evolve into a veritable global movement with its headquarters in Fiji is really somewhat humbling. 
The more as contrary to all those Facebook pages, this is the real deal, with hundreds of volunteers in dozens of locations spreading the gospel but above all, with several important long term research projects under the guidance of world-renown scientists providing for invaluable data that will help better protect and manage local Shark stocks.

Obviously the whole thing is still in its infancy.
Much like with the local project in Fiji, much needs to be learned and refined, and it'll take some time before everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as envisaged - but herein lie the challenge and the fun, and I have no doubt that Ingrid and her team will deliver in spades!
Pending the establishment of dedicated blogs, please follow their evolution on FB and here.

And don't be shy.
Should you want to become more than a mere Like-button-pushing slacktivist and instead make a real contribution, here's the page for submitting your application - and lemme tell 'ya, space is already scarce!
It's gonna be a life changing experience - and that's a promise!

PS Martin here - vinaka! :)

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