Saturday, February 01, 2014

Is Fiji losing its Tuna Industry?

Same old same old - re-read this post! Click for detail!

Now it could well be too late.
Government is promising action and we shall see where this goes.

Let's hope this is not too little too late.
When I wrote that post linked at the top, Greenpeace had not yet published its report and upon finally reading it, I cannot but fully agree with every single word - read it, it is as short as it is compelling!
There are plenty of good recommendations but for me, the take-away message is that the shenanigans need to stop, the fishery needs to become sustainable and that monitoring, enforcement and prosecution need to improve - but above all, that our local governments need to build capacity towards developing smaller scale and locally owned fisheries whilst telling those industrial and highly subsidized foreign-owned vessels to fuck off!

To be continued no doubt!

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