Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013: the Bad and the Ugly!

Have you seen this shit?

Yes that would be the very same moronic website, and this is Brush.

Where to begin indeed!
This is the caliber of some of the self-appointed representatives of the global Shark conservation movement!
Compare that to this open letter by Kempster and those Shark researchers where FINALLY, somebody is starting to acknowledge that there is a real problem demanding real solutions that are more than the usual tired pro-Shark clap trap - and you may intuit why I despise that frothy solipsistic fringe of the movement nearly as much as that abomination that is the WA Shark cull!

So have you read those posts?
If not, do - they are here, here, here and here!
And more importantly - has anything really changed?

Not really - right?
And this is ultimately why!

And with that in mind, I'm not really gonna bother.
I've already said what I wanted to say ad nauseam, and will continue to do so whenever I discern a particularly egregious occurrence - but I've come to the conclusion that those yearly rants are pretty much useless.

Here's another excerpt I love.
I'm obviously 100% with Kyle!

And globally it's likely as bad - or even worse!
That's the audience those people play to, and whom they target with their various cons - and not only is there zero improvement in sight but things are continuing to get worse! Case in point: the Dolphinization of the Shark Conservation Movement has already spawned what a pal has dubbed the Unicornization, to wit.

Barf... Source. # mermaidwarriors huh...


So here's how we're gonna play this.
This time, you do the heavy lifting.
Everything, and then some, is already in the blog - so go and read it!
The blog offers two search functions - so if e.g., you wish to inform (!) yourselves about the world's foremost Sharkitarian visionary, or whatever, you can type his name into the search box in the top left-hand corner and then sort by relevance or by date; or, you may sometimes get a slightly different result by searching by label.
Same-same for e.g
And-so-on and-so-forth!
Notice the overlaps - and I cite, again.
It stopped actually being "about sharks" a long time ago.
It's about the individual and what the sharks as a vehicle to notoriety can do for them.
And for the masochists among you - I'm slowly WTF-ing my rants!
Surprisingly, they don't amount to more than a paltry 10% of this interminable opus - but they sure generate the overwhelming majority of the page views!
So here they are for your perusal and I discover, delectation - or for rekindling the various grudges!



jsd said...

Yes -- that pretty much sums it up for another year!

If the Renaissance gave birth to Individualism so the Internet has given birth to Narcissism; intellectuals have been replaced by internetuals, institutes by internetstitutes.

In Awe of SRI said...

Come on, dude -- the science coming from SRI is second to none. Here's a quote from its president's own website that proves it. And so beautifully written. You see it turns out that it's all down to water-birds and seals (that SRI's president identifies as being varieties of fish) that would eat too many reef fish if sharks weren't around to stop them. Water-birds and seals controlling reef fish??? ...And then the oceans die!!! Please do send your donations to SRI's conservation efforts to ensure the reef sharks continue eating seals and water-birds so that the oceans don't die:-

'They 'bigger sharks']keep water-birds and seals at viable numbers too, who [sic] otherwise, together with other predatory fish [?!?!?!], would eat too many of the little fish which again [again?] are the ones who keep the coral reefs free of suffocating algae [suddenly I understand!]. Without sharks this very complex ecosystem will break down [it isn't the ecosystem that's broken down]. Coral reefs without reef sharks will die within one year [?!?!]. Once all the reefs are dead, the oceans will die [:-O]. It is all very closely connected.[Sort of like Join Up the Invisible Dots using Invisible Ink while blindfolded] '

DaShark said...

Really, it's all so fucking pathetic...

If they weren't out there soliciting funds from the public, I would have stopped bothering a long time ago.