Saturday, January 04, 2014

Depressed Pecs?

This GWS is angling down its pecs to brake!

Depressing... pun intended!

From one of those moronic Sharktivist websites.
And I cite.
If you’re watching a circling shark and wondering if it’s about to attack its prey, here are the clues: The shark will hunch its back, lower its pectoral fins (the ones near its belly) and swim in zigzag motions.
Absolutely not!
Depressed pecs are generally a sign that the Shark is doing a tight turn, or braking - and in some species, depressed pecs and jerky movements can be indicators of agonism, i.e. an aggressive display that is often associated with fear, self defense and competition!

Nothing to do with predation!
Sharks are opportunistic predators i.e. they will prey when opportunity arises, often by ambush or by catching their prey when it is unawares. There is consequently no such thing as the much-cited "predatory mode" whereby Sharks will get all agitated, zip around and thus telegraph their nefarious intentions. That would alert their intended victims and inhibit success and consequently, Evolution would have obviously selected against such transparent behavior. 
Instead, free-swimming Sharks will cruise around seemingly totally unperturbed, only to then pounce once opportunity arises. In collective feeding situations, this can then lead to feeding frenzies with all the associated drama.
And on occasions that are actually more related to scavenging, some will first apply a test bite.

Case in point.
This is the infamous footage of that Bull Shark debunking Ritter's ego-behavioral claptrap, camera running.
The most spectacular aspect is actually its total lack of overt aggression: the Shark simply slowly approaches, takes a little nibble, likes the taste because the idiot isn't wearing a wetsuit and then nonchalantly proceeds to eat that leg. No drama, no initial thrashing let alone depressed pecs and jerky movements - just another unspectacular day in the life of a predator.

See it?
Anyway, back to that website.
Seen it dozens of times, e.g. here - a pathetic enumeration of invented and recycled half truths and myths (good luck in latching on to a GWS - and no they don't break off, they cut out!) by self important amateurs that got no clue of what they're talking about.

Long story short?
Get a fucking education before pretending to educate others!
Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

The group you linked, they have listed one of their (2) "lead biologists" as a certain mr Erik Brush.

The other seems to have let the TV interviews about the shark cull go to his head, telling people the government have undercover operatives following him and trying to hack his Facebook account.

DaShark said...


I found that shit when researching the end-of-year post # II - expect further comments there.