Thursday, January 16, 2014

18-Foot GWS!

And it ROARS!

Behold the PROOF that Sharknado is scientifically correct!

Which  brings me to a glaring omission in yesterday's list!
  • Control you media.
    You got to carefully screen the productions you host - and be very wary of those ad hoc so-called experiments (and here!) that are inevitably total and utter crap!
    Especially those producers of Shark porn are very good at identifying the newbies who would do anything for the perceived fame and marketing advantages of being "featured" on Shark Week. Those productions are always a losing bet, and the operators are then left to clean up the mess long after those people have moved on to greener pastures.
    And then, there are all those customers with cameras that will gleefully post any mishaps to YouTube if not managed!
So what about the above.
Is this in any way conducive to allaying the reservations of the detractors - or instead, may Peter Scott just have foolishly handed them more anti Shark feeding ammunition on a golden platter?


Stuart Island Sharkmageddon said...

Change "May" to "Did" and answer in the affirmative and you basically have a Class A example of Noob Shark Operations vs Seasoned Shark Film and TV Veteran.

Good luck to him.

On a side note this is also a Grade B example of industry idiocy, as a captain and boat owner you do get the right to "say no" at any time.

Failure to exercise said right is no excuse for overly hyped and potentially industry harming shark programming.


DaShark said...

Sharkmageddon huh... :)

Nothing spectacular really... just another naive newbie that got conned by the usual gang of professional Shark rapists...

And so it goes, same old same old...

OfficetoOcean said...

The best bit is the overdubbed, "get him out of there get him out of there!!!"

Oooh hes in so much peril :D

Stuart Island Sharkmageddon said...

Not so, Scott was the wide eyed student of quite a few well seasoned industry vets.

At least three different operators at last count.

If nothing was absorbed by him and his crew and he still walked into that trap, then it's on him.

Surely, the shark diving industry has sufficiently matured past the one or two, "get outta jail free cards" that younger operations a decade ago enjoyed at a time where folks really didn't know any better.

Let's call it 1998 - 2003 PB (pre blog) anytime after that and surely into 2003 - 2014 MI (mature industry) the old game is exactly that - the old game.

When bimbos in bikinis ride white sharks for Go Pro anyone pretending to NOT know how film crews work needs another vocation.

By then opinions are like assholes and, as they say, everyone has one.

At the end of the day that's his backyard and he's entitled to screw it up as badly as he wants.

Stuart Island Sharkmageddon said...

Dead shark...killed by a toxic combination of operators and enraged locals this month.

"Stuart Island Sharkmageddon"

Time travel, you should try it some time, you'll never know what you'll find less than a year into the future.