Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When Ignorance begets Confidence!

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Having equal rights does not mean having equal talents, equal abilities, or equal knowledge. It assuredly does not mean that “everyone’s opinion about anything is as good as anyone else’s.”

(But) this is now enshrined as the credo of a fair number of people despite being obvious nonsense.

To disagree is to insult. To correct another is to be a hater. And to refuse to acknowledge alternative views, no matter how fantastic or inane, is to be closed-minded. 

Critics might dismiss all this by saying that everyone has a right to participate in the public sphere. That’s true. But every discussion must take place within limits and above a certain baseline of competence. And competence is sorely lacking in the public arena.

None of this ignorance stops people from arguing as though they are research scientists. Tackle a complex policy issue with a layman today, and you will get snippy and sophistic demands to show ever increasing amounts of “proof” or “evidence” for your case, even though the ordinary interlocutor in such debates isn’t really equipped to decide what constitutes “evidence” or to know it when it’s presented.

There’s also that immutable problem known as “human nature.” It has a name now: it’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect, which says, in sum, that the dumber you are, the more confident you are that you’re not actually dumb.
And when you get invested in being aggressively dumb…well, the last thing you want to encounter are experts who disagree with you, and so you dismiss them in order to maintain your unreasonably high opinion of yourself. (There’s a lot of that loose on social media, especially.)

All of these are symptoms of the same disease: a manic reinterpretation of “democracy” in which everyone must have their say, and no one must be “disrespected.” 
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I wanna VOTE for him dammit! said...

The Leader of the Shark Movement.

Good to see him in fine form once again this time in...AU I think.

And one wonders aloud WHY the AU Gov refuses to listen to the sharkactivits?

Here's one reason, spouting a complete lack of reason as it were.

DaShark said...

My thoughts exactly - all the good work Ryan Kempster, Chris Neff & co are doing is being torpedoed by the insane clamoring of this madman and his cronies.