Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The inevitable Consequence!

Watch this.

Story here.
Special tip o' hat to shark experts Ocean Ramsey, Kimi Werner and Lesley Rochat and of course ABC4 for having acted as visionary pioneers, to the moronic copycats, to the media outlets broadcasting that shit -  and to all those other idiots that continue to post that Sharks only want to hug!

Nuff said.

PS: "It's just not f***ing worth it, they're just too unpredictable. They're crazy creatures."
No they are not you fucking moron.


Happy Shark Day said...

And to those who chained wrapped Emma on TV and then proceeded to MOLEST her further with stupid backwards facing hat tricks.

All for what?

Facebook "likes" of course and a chance to appear in a British tabloid as a shark expert. That was so worth it.

Yes KUDOS to the pioneers, thank you all for fucking with sharks under the thin guise of conservation.

Kudos, for doing such a good job of cultivating masses of social media drones that they now BELIEVE finger banging a shark is some sort of conservation effort worthy of applause.

Kudos, for your self centered egotistical usage of magnificent predators for $$$ and recognition.

Thank you all for your vision AND CAREFUL EDUCATION of morons like this guy with a chicken wire cage on his head. Because you know, without your stunts leading the way, he might never have thought to try and TOP them.

Now he has, what do you have to say?


For the sharks then!

What a grand day this was. I am sure the Tiger they hooked understood the nuances of "media whorism" and is off doing happy Tiger things as we speak.

Or is dead, but it was all for the better, right?

DaShark said...


Clare said...

"shark experts" - EYE ROLL!

DaShark said...

I'm only citing...!

Anonymous said...

The other day I saw "the alternative" to the shark cull in WA cited as being ABC IV's excercise in self publicity ("for the sharks" of course) Great White Shark song...that's it, the only alternative...

Perhaps it's true and we have reached an all time low level of intelligence?

Clare said...

I know you're only citing :) If the media thinks this is what actual shark experts do, and are like, I DESPAIR.

ABC $4$ said...

Anyone who posits that ABC 4.2 is some sort of shark conservation alternative is drinking the cool aid.

He is to the shark film world what the Bubonic Plague was to poor itinerant farmers in the middle ages.

Representing the WORST of animal film making for the lowest script choices and dollars.

Chain wrapping Emma the Tiger Shark was his greatest film moment. Although we are all waiting to see this years shark film dung heap as well to see if he can top that.

The man never disappointing his legions of idiot spectators.