Friday, August 31, 2012

Who is this - Competition!

This is a person who really, really loves Sharks.
First one who comes up with the correct name wins one week (7 days) of diving with BAD.

  • for it to count, you must post the name of that person here, not on Facebook.
  • one guess per 24h.
  • after 24h, I shall post one hint and the prize decreases to 6 days; 24h later I'll post another hint and the prize decreases to 5 days, etc.
  • the prize consists in diving on consecutive days, i.e. a combination of those Shark and coral dives that happen to be scheduled during the specific time frame you choose, the latter subject to space availability. You will be asked to pay the marine park levy, any then applicable fuel surcharges and any charges for extra services like rental gear etc.
  • personal friends of that person are excluded from participating.
  • do not participate if you already dive with us FOC, or if you do not intend to come diving anyway; instead, be fair and leave the chance of winning the prize to others.
Good luck!

First hint - 6 days of diving: ManU 

We have a winner!
The person who really, really loves Sharks is David Diley!
Dave wins six days of diving with us.


Anonymous said...

I will give it a try...
Cristina Zenato?

Kind regards

DaShark said...

Bula Daniel

Alas, it is not Cristina!

Anton said...

I know the answer but i don't fit to the rules, i don't have the 30 dives requested.... :(

Squiddy918 said...

i am going to guess Eli Martinez

Carolyn Touchet

Angelo Villagomez said...

I just defriended him on Facebook. Can I join now?

DaShark said...

I didn't say anything about 30 dives Anton.

We got instructors and you can dive under their supervision provided that you are a certified diver.

DaShark said...

That person is not Eli Martinez!

DaShark said...

Angelo! :)

Would that count as throwing a friend under the bus?

Dave said...

I think it may be David Diley...

DaShark said...

Bingo! :)

Yes it IS David!

Send us a message to collect your six days of diving.