Friday, August 03, 2012

Fiji Shark Sanctuary - not good!

So now it's official.

The Fiji Shark Sanctuary is toast.
Instead, there will be three new Fisheries Management Decrees, two of which (the third being Aquaculture) will contain special mention of Sharks. These are rather generic laws and only the regulations will then reveal what specific degree of protection Sharks will benefit from, or not.

So what went wrong?
As I said here, we're not part of the Sanctuary team - but one month ago, we were invited to what was billed as the very last stakeholder consultation and left extremely hopeful as the message from government could not have been more positive.

And now this.
No I'm not gonna comment - but I could!

Anyway, tempi passati.
Time for plan B.


Gary Adkison said...

Back to the drawing board.... It is never easy with so many outside influencing factors effecting a decision of this magnitude. I hope the world understands that you can't intimidate or buy conservation measures. It is a slow and painful process....and not always successful. Don't give up.....plan B...Indeed my friend!!

Anonymous said...

A bump in the road.

DaShark said...

Nah I actually believe that this is really it - the chance has been irretrievably squandered.