Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GWS Diving - Infographic!

Still my favorite Shark cage pic! Source.

Just got the following.

Dear DaShark

Shark Cage Diving is fast becoming the number one Extreme Travel Adventure and most talked about outdoor experience, and South Africa the best place to do it.
As a result, Marine Dynamics would like to share this awesome Infographic ‘The Great White Shark Cage Diving Hotspots of the world’ as well as a once in a life time opportunity. The infographic shows the few places in the world where people can safely shark cage dive with great whites. It includes a competition with a prize to the value of R25 000 (US$ 3400) and the possibility to enjoy a ‘Luxury Shark Cage Diving Adventure’ in sunny South Africa.

It's obviously a marketing gig for Marine Dynamics.
Now, were I to go GW cage diving, I'd go to Lupe - this because of the viz, because of the cool cages all the way to the SPSC and because I got friends operating there. But I'm posting this anyway, because the graphic is cool, because MD supports the excellent Dyer Island Conservation Trust but above all, because MD employs Michelle Wcisel who has impressed me by taking on the dipshits with an opinion and a keyboard!

You can click on the graphic to view the animated version.

Great White Shark Cage Diving Hotspots of the World - Infographic


Anonymous said...

Add one value.


S.A - 2 feet

Isla Gaudalupe - 120 feet

If you cannot see sharks why bother?

DaShark said...

2 feet is maybe a bit harsh? :)

but in all fairness, they do mention the viz - as I said, that would be one of my principal selection criteria, along w the size of the animals.

Unknown said...

Isla Guadalupe is not part of the United States, it is actually a territory of Mexico.

DaShark said...

Well spotted - it sure is! :)

Fernando said...

Guadalupe island is in Mexico.
(although there are shark diving operations with both US and Mexican operators).