Wednesday, August 15, 2012

David's PSA - awesome!

David in Fiji: realism and documentary guerrilla film-making with a cinematic delivery.

Love it!

And lemme tell 'ya, this has not been easy!
This has been an incredibly time consuming and difficult endeavor, a true labor of love that David Diley has taken on in his own time and on his own money . The clips are from a variety of cameras, with different formats and codecs requiring a lot of technical wizardry, and this on an editing suite that at the time consisted of little more than David's frustratingly slow laptop; and to top it off, the challenge lay in producing something fresh, different and positive within the strict 60-second confines dictated by the aim to eventually air it on local television. Having witnessed its creation from afar, I can attest to many, many moments of utter dejection due to lost footage and computer crashes - so the more power to David for having pulled it off in the end!
But read it here, straight from the horse's mouth - great post!

Shame the public in Fiji will likely never see it.
Barring a miraculous turn of events (don't hold your breath!), the Shark Sanctuary is toast and the best we can now aspire to is that the authorities will come true on their announcement that the upcoming Fisheries decrees will translate into effective Shark conservation measures.
For that to eventuate, the noise that has been, and I cite, a continuous irritant has to finally stop, as especially this government (!) does not appreciate being pushed and lectured in public - and I'll certainly leave it at that, the more as you can read a surprisingly insightful analysis of what happened here. It's not the whole story but it does contain a few valid pointers to the fact that as always in real conservation in a real world, things are far from being simple and straight forward - and yes, Andersen & Co's bloody interference at a critical time did certainly play a role!

But I'm digressing as always.

Please enjoy David's PSA.
As David explains here, it contains many of the stylistic elements that he has chosen for Of Shark and Man and that are also apparent in A Ray of Light. Featuring some of the Shark greats (thank you!), it is a testament to his creativity and technical brilliance - and of course, to the most incredible collection of charismatic, intelligent sharks on the planet! :)

And there's more!
David will shortly post a longer version featuring more awesome people and brilliant sound bites!

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