Sunday, August 05, 2012

Peter and the Sharks!

Blue Shark off the Algarve - source.

Remember Peter?

He and Georgina have just been in Portugal to kick off We Like Sharks.
This is a multifaceted program including Shark awareness, Shark research and hopefully, maybe even the establishment of Shark tourism in the Algarve. From what I can see, the local team is going through all the correct preliminary steps by involving the local stakeholders and trying to collect some baseline data before thinking about throwing in the first tourists - so best of success to them all!
Here's a report in Portuguese.

Notice the Tiger Shark?
Here's some better footage of that encounter in South Africa, with a plug for Peter's brilliant book about Sharks.

And have a look at this!
This would be Peter documenting the GFSC in April, in totally shocking visibility - maybe now you understand why I am so impressed by the results! The question being, who's the 90-year old Dutch Divinggirl? :)

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