Friday, August 10, 2012

Pelagic Life - stunning Video!

I must say, I'm in awe of this video.

From an old post.
Shark Diving has gone mainstream and is firmly nested within the entertainment industry. As in: I shall pay for a trip to Guadalupe Island and I shall see Great White Sharks - or else!
In the process, the original Heroes are gradually being replaced by media-savvy, nimble and business-minded service providers. Personality cult is being replaced by client service. Adventure and discovery, by interactive and notabene, guaranteed ecological encounters. Roughing it out on the high seas, by aircon, en suite bathrooms and warm towels. Individuality, by the need for a uniform global product. And alas, sometimes, excitement by bored indifference
And in the process, it has somewhat lost its soul.

This however is the real deal.
This is totally old school: this group is about personal quests, about testing one's limits, about fellowship, adventure and exploration. And of course, about amazing discoveries and encounters, like those absolutely stunning schooling Silvertips. And there is even a grass-roots conservation initiative.

Story here.

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