Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zombie Ecosystems!

Painting of intact coral reef - increasingly becoming science fiction.

Please read this.

Not much to add is there.
I know that Rick the Mac and others are attending, so expect more informed analyses to hit the blogosphere soon.

After the folly of Ipanema the question remains.
Where is the f&%@ing leadership?

PS great post by RTSea here!
PS2 dissenting opinion here!

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jsd said...

If coral reefs go, the scenario is truly alarming. Mangroves won't be far behind so there go the nurseries. Then the barriers against coastal erosion in the tropics are gone as well as the food for m/billions of island and coastal folk. The sea becomes a puce green bacterial slime. The great white shark is replaced by the great white jellyfish.

Pray for an asteroid.